3 EBA Meetings in 8 weeks is Not Acceptable.

The delays continue!

It would appear that there is no real wish by Telstra Management to satisfactorily conclude the Telstra EBA talks. Following the last meeting where it was made clear from the start by Darren Fewster that the Telstra negotiators were not in a position to respond to the SBU’s “rock bottom line” pay proposal, (supposedly until the Board had met to “approve” the Telstra pay offer – whatever that looks like), we now find that a programmed EBA meeting has been called off for next Wednesday June 26 at 10 am and is now programmed for Thursday July 4 at 10 am. The reason quoted is “based on the Telstra team availability in the week commencing 24/6”.

We clearly are being played with – this appears that it isn’t a genuine bargain.  There is no urgency apparent, just delay. There is no pressure or leverage on Telstra, as the protected industrial bans have been suspended. We need an urgent re-think on our strategy on securing a decent pay outcome. Telstra simply seem happy in delaying the outcome, and given there is no pressure on them from the Union members, they appear quite happy to sit back, draw out the process, pay lip service to their requirements to genuinely bargain, and see what eventuates. It’s just not good enough.

We pulled back on the Protected Industrial Action over 8 weeks ago (24 April), and with that goodwill went some responsibilities to genuinely bargain, in an attempt to reach a reasonable offer. We currently have a situation where our members are becoming even more frustrated about the possible outcomes, at a time when the least thing Telstra wants is more turmoil.

Since the suspension of bans, EBA meetings have been held on the 7 May, 21 May, and the last was on  Wednesday 12 June. Three meetings in 8 weeks and by Thursday July 4, (if it goes ahead) four meetings in ten weeks. Yes, some aspects of the proposed EBA have been discussed (parental leave being almost there), a number remain unresolved (particularly a Long Service Leave clause, casual conversion, aspects of the “voluntary” redundancy arrangements, and labour hire restriction) but the pay figure has been avoided.

A further telephone conference will be held next Wednesday night 26 June at 7.30pm (it was programmed to report back on the events of the EBA meeting on that morning) and we will still go ahead with that conference. Details are available on previous emails or contact the Branch Office 9663 6815 cdtsvic@cwu.asn.au

The main issues to be reported on are:
Proposed additional long service leave clause or policy
Proposed Parental leave clause – and what would be in the EBA (and what would be in policy)
Proposed Casual conversion clause – proposed changes from Telstra
Proposed Labour hire clause – rejected by Telstra
Changes around opening up the time for consideration of Voluntary redundancies
Response to pay offer – further delay

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