Attention All members – Branch Proposal

Ref: SLD:21/15

5th May 2021

Dear Members,

We write to you to share a proposal with you regarding the T&S Branches of Victoria and NSW. The two Branch Committee of Management’s have had initial discussions and from that, we envisage an amalgamation of the two Telecommunications & Services Branches in the not too distant future.

As we’ve all witnessed in the last year or so, physical distance is not an obstruction to getting the job done. In fact in many ways productivity has increased with less travel, in turn leading to less expenses incurred.

Unfortunately the massive redundancies over the last decade within Telstra have hit both branches and we’ve suffered a decline in membership. Notwithstanding this, we think we can improve our direction and future.  We think it makes financial and practical sense to combine our resources, share our assets, and in turn reduce costs by a reduction in administration obligations, such as duplication of audits and accounting fees by amalgamating the two branches. Also, we already work close together on many joint issues.

We anticipate the restructure to suit both branches accordingly. For example, we propose only one Branch Secretary and the other executive positions to be honorary. Of course such changes will take time and also involves approval of rule changes within the Communications Division. It makes sense for the two Telecommunications branches to combine.

It will provide a brighter future for our union and it is our intention to focus on growth and recruitment.

We will be seeking your support in this proposal and will inform you of next steps. Please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned if you have any questions.

In unity,


SUE RILEY                                                                       DAN DWYER

Secretary                                                                                  Secretary

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