Australia Post – Your Authorised Holiday – Not Theirs!


Members would be aware of Australia Post’s repeated attempts to axe your Authorised Holiday (Union Picnic Day). We saw it during EBA8 talks, EBA9 talks and then again last year in the lead up to the consultation process for the day’s nomination.

Thankfully, on all these occasions, management came to their senses — allowing a sensible compromise to manage the Authorised Holiday.

The Authorised Holiday has traditionally been in place at this time of the year as a means of recognising your efforts through the demands of the peak period with a much deserved break with friends and loved ones at a time of year when ARL blackouts usually apply to operational employees.

However, this outcome offers a way forward which balances the needs of our members with the ever-growing demands of your customers.

This year’s Authorised Holiday will be declared for Monday, 31 December 2018 and as part of planning for this day, management will shortly commence an expression of interest process with our members.

You will be given three different options on how to avail of your Authorised Holiday:

Option 1 — Take the (paid) day off on the Authorised Holiday; or

Option 2 — Request to work on the Authorised Holiday and be paid at public holiday rates (double time and a half); or

Option 3 — Request to work on the Authorised Holiday at ordinary rates and be provided with an additional day off at an alternative time – as agreed at the local level with your manager.

Under no circumstances should members feel obligated to express an interest in working on the day.

Equally, members expressing an interest in working on the day should be aware that the work availability at your workplace will determine whether or not this can be accommodated. If it cannot be, you will be expected to avail of the Authorised Holiday on the day it falls, 31 December 2018.

Remember — this is entirely your decision to make — it is YOUR Authorised Holiday.

If you feel pressured in any way, by anyone, to express an interest to work when you don’t want to, you should contact your State Branch Office immediately for assistance from your official.

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