Corona Virus Pandemic

Business as usual with the CWU, with the exception of face-to-face interactions at our offices. Members will be well aware of the danger posed by COVID19 and need for all organisations to change the way they operate in order to support community safety to combat this health emergency. The Victorian T&S branch will operate remotely until further notice.

If you have an account enquiry or wish to pay your union dues or if you need to tender resignation please email or telephone:

Sharon Benson:  0427 661 046

If you have any other enquiry, please contact John Ellery or Sue Riley:

John Ellery  0419 823 580
Sue Riley  0439 762 455

The CEO made an announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange on Friday morning including the following:

  • Telstra will freeze all job cuts for the next six months.
  • Telstra will recruit 1000 temporary contractors in Australia to cater for increased call traffic.
  • Telstra are providing relief to small business and consumer customers unable to pay their bills by suspending late payment fees and disconnections until end April.
  • Telstra will bring forward capital expenditure and accelerate the roll out of 5G to inject investment in the economy. All non-critical activity is planned for a shut-down between 9th-17th April. Those with sufficient annual leave are required to utilise one week (5 days) of their annual leave. There are plans to require employees to take another week of annual leave between now and September, in order to reduce costs and leave liability.

While the CWU is supportive of the measures, annual leave is a mutual agreement with your manager and it must be reasonable for Telstra and reasonable for you in all of the circumstances. There could be valid reasons you are accumulating your annual leave.

The CWU has just been informed the news about no further job reductions does not impact existing employees who have already been selected for redundancy and have an exit date.

With the India and The Philippines call centres closing, we suspect this will have major impacts on assistance to field Techs when dispatched to a call, as well as customers trying to resolve issues. Maybe it’s time to bring back all Telstra work to Australia, and ensure that we are capable of looking after Australian Telstra customers whilst keeping our economy going.

To this date, the Telstra Enterprise Agreement is still awaiting certification by the Fair Work Commission. (FWC)

The Operational Enterprise Agreement has been lodged with FWC for certification. The approximate time lines of how long it may take the Commission to finalise the application is 3-8 weeks, providing it is approved without requiring any undertakings.

ESTA have been vigilant in communicating to all their operational and support office employees constant updates with CoVID-19. Those who are able are working from home and as much as possible meetings will be done via videoconferencing or online.

We hope the outbreak will not impact any operational employees and are forever grateful for the good work you do in keeping our community safe. Thank you for continuing to serve and protect the Victorian public.

Your union dues will be increasing from 1/4/2020. This decision was made in February. Our rates have not increased for most since 2015 and is less than $1 per fortnight.
Members paying via direct debit please ensure you have enough funds to cover the increase. Members paying by credit card, rates will be adjusted accordingly via the office.
You can view your amended rates on our website
Should you have any queries, please contact Sharon Benson.

We hope everyone stays fit and healthy whilst adhering to the recommended guidelines via the Government websites and our State Chief Medical Officer.

In unity


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