CWU Bulletin – Telstra Attack On LSL

Management starts to play their cards for the Telstra EBA.

In an unprecedented attack on the hard won employment entitlements, management have flown a flag (or is it a lead balloon?) in an all staff bulletin announcing their intentions to limit the accumulation of Long Service Leave credits. In what is a breathtaking contradiction, Darren Fewster, Executive Director – HR Shared Services, has announced a potential change to Telstra policy on this matter, but at the same time, most Union members will know how hard it is to take leave of any description due to limitations on the number of staff that can be released at any time.

Long service leave is an entirely different entitlement to annual leave and you should not be directed to take long service leave annually – just to suit Telstra’s liability on their balance sheet.

Every employee should respond to this proposal with their view and your Union will be clearly doing the same.

No doubt the bean counters of Telstra are driving this, and the falling share price will no doubt have some effect on this as well.

This flag flying exercise gives us a little taste of the upcoming EBA, and we suspect that we won’t need to do much to fully motivate Telstra staff to really get involved in the EBA process.

Please circulate this Bulletin widely.

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