DISRUPTED Telstra EBA Hook up Tuesday 14 May.

CWU Victorian Members,Last Tuesday night, during a notified Special Phone Hook of Victorian T&S and P&T members (and invited NSW Telecommunications & Services Branch members), considerable disruption was caused to the meeting (as it was the previous week) by an anonymous supposed “North Eastern Victorian” member) .

As a result, the decision was made to terminate the hook up because of the nature and flavor of the statements being made, and the way the hook up had degenerated, and the way some members of other branches (including officials) had decided to interfere in our legitimate feedback to our members.  It was fairly apparent that this was the same person who disrupted the previous week’s phone hookup, and he was supplemented by a further collection of individuals (choosing to remain anonymous aside from 1 Queensland Branch official).

After analysis of the dial in list from Eureka conferencing, it was apparent that the individual/s concerned are not members of either the Victorian branches, nor the NSW T&S Branch, and as such, their anonymous presence gives rise to questions about the nature of their intervention.  It would appear the disruption was orchestrated by an escalation of conflicting views between officials of the Union in relation to the Telstra EBA strategy, including the bargaining strategy following the current return to the EBA negotiation table.

To make it clear, as described in Monday’s bulletin, the strategies in achieving a decent % outcome will always come from different angles, depending on who makes up the membership of the Branch that its officials represent. That is precisely why we have sought your views (and not the views of other CWU Branches) last Tuesday night, and in our advised survey (www.bit.ly/vicbranchebafeedback).

Stay tuned for a further update on the EBA situation via a different conferencing method to what we have in the past (where we can “lock out” unidentified, anonymous disrupters from non-invited branches) given the demonstrated nature of the anonymous participants last night.

In solidarity,

SUE RILEY Secretary, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0439 762 455 | sriley@cwu.asn.au
JOHN ELLERY Assistant Secretary, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0419 823 580 | jellery@cwu.asn.au
JONATHON WRIGHT, Recruiting Officer, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0490 503 829 | jwright@cwu.asn.au
LEROY LAZARO Secretary, CWU (P&T) Vic | 0422 546 814 | Leroy@cwuvic.asn.au
VAL BUTLER Industrial Officer, CWU (P&T) Vic | 0408 766 444 | vabutler@iinet.net.au

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