ESTA Admin News

21 July 2020

CWU (T&S) Vic
ESTA Admin News

Dear ESTA Admin Members,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It’s a good time to be indoors!

The Admin/Support Consultative Committee Meeting will meet again on 11th August. (via zoom of course). The Committee meets twice per year to discuss any matters which may impact employees. Please consider this and email any agenda items you may have to myself or your union representatives Carol Clarke, Larissa Robinson and Chris Wilson.

Aside from this Committee, it is also now time to consider the next union log of claims for the next Enterprise Agreement. The current Agreement expires 30/6/2021 and negotiations commence at least 6 months prior, in January 2021. We would need to prepare for this in this half of year end. The previous Agreement saw very reasonable pay increases of 3.75 %, 3.5% and 3%. The public sector wages policy has changed since then, so expectations will be lower at 2.5%.

There has been some discussion around improving the classification structure and reviewing the salary bandings. Please put some thought into this and let me know your ideas. It’s your Agreement!

In unity,

Branch Secretary
CWU (T&S) Victoria

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