ESTA Ops Enterprise Agreement Approved


THE FWC certified the Operational Enterprise Agreement 2020 on 23rd April, which will take effect on 30th April.
Congratulations to all and stand by for your sign-on bonus, back pay and some decent conditions and an improved Agreement!


The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the essential role of ESTA operational employees as front-line emergency services workers. Because of this role, ESTA workers do not have an option to work from home as many others in the community are doing, including ESTA support staff.

Understandably, inability to self-isolate may create concern among members that they are at greater risk of becoming ill.

Unions have been monitoring ESTA’s response to COVID through their communications to employees and briefing by management.

Whilst we are supportive of ESTA’s efforts to try to ensure effective social distancing and hygiene, we continue to raise issues and concerns with both ESTA and government representatives as appropriate and remain available to do so.

In particular, we have raised issues regarding-

  • leave entitlements
  • suitability of temporary relocation of employees within the centre
  • use of partions/screens in the centre
  • availability of priority testing and temperature checks
  • procedures in the event of positive tests

Members will receive advice regarding the progress of these issues through one of ESTA’s communications or a further joint bulletin.

We thank all ESTA employees for their essential work in extraordinary circumstances.

If there are any questions or explanations required, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned.

In Unity,

Sue Riley, CWU                     
Matthew Coggin, VAU        
Jeremy Murphy, UFU         

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