ESTA Site Cleaning – COVID-19

9 June 2020

CWUnion Bulletin
ESTA Site Cleaning – COVID19

There have been some reactions to cleaning products in two of the three sites at ESTA that have been reported. It is of vital importance if you have a reaction to chemicals that you ensure an incident report is lodged via your team leader or Occupational Health and Safety Rep.

The increase in cleaning of more surfaces including kitchen facilities, toilets and workstations, and the changing to different, stronger chemicals used may have impacted some members.

If you have suffered from irritation of the skin or eyes, or developed headaches, or developed respiratory symptoms including asthma, coughing or shortness of breath, or even if you need to use a preventative inhaler, please do the following:

Lodge an incident report as soon as practicable after exposure

Notify the Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Notify the Crisis Management Team (re COVID19)

Notify the CWU

Please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned for any further queries.

You need to be safe at all times at your workplace.

In Unity,


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