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The Unions met with ESTA and Government representatives on 1 May 2019 to present a counter offer. This offer was a pragmatic approach to try and reach an agreement.

Part of this offer was to address the threshold issues of:

  • Staffing levels;
  • A new classification structure;
  • Standards rosters;

The offer was rejected by ESTA and Government Representatives.

Ironically this happened on the same day that legislation was passed by the Victorian Government that ensures public sector employees are able to bargaining for Minimum staffing levels.

The Treasurer Tim Pallas when introducing the legislation said that staff ‘could collectively bargain over and reach agreement on matters such as minimum staffing levels’ and ‘that more than 130,000 Victorian public servants would gain greater levels of consistency and fairness when negotiating agreements’.

The continued resistance of ESTA and government representatives to inclusion of safe staffing levels in your enterprise agreement highlights that 000 workers continue to not be recognised and respected as frontline emergency services workers.

It is also disappointing that ESTA and government representatives continue to press for a two tiered structure, a new class of employees on different conditions and rosters.

The Unions will continue to try and make progress toward reaching an agreement. The meeting will occur next week.

The unions congratulate members for being united and adhering to work bans.


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