ESTA – Temperature Checks Proposal

The CWU, UFU and VAU have provided comprehensive feedback to ESTA in relation to their proposal to introduce temperature testing for employees arriving for work at each of its centres.

Whilst we support testing as a potential way to control the spread of COVID-19 into centres, we identified some concerns with ESTA’s proposal.

In particular we were concerned with ESTA’s position that employees whom they identified as having high temperatures but no fever symptoms would have been required to take personal leave before they were cleared to return to work.

If allowed, this proposal would have seen ESTA employees treated differently to other emergency services employees who are subject to temperature testing. Other emergency services are paying special leave to employees that present at work with a high temperature, but have no other symptoms.

The CWU, UFU and VAU took a joint position that we would not accept the unequal treatment of emergency services workers where there was no functional reason for it.

After putting this joint position to ESTA, they have now confirmed that employees who present at work with a high temperature but have no other symptoms will be paid special leave for the day.

The CWU, UFU and VAU are pleased that ESTA have changed their position on this matter and will continue to review the temperature checks proposal.

Sue Riley
Matthew Coggin
Jeremy Murphy

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