In Principle Agreement For New Agreement To Cover ESTA Members

Members are advised that unions reached in principle agreement with ESTA and government representatives late yesterday evening following almost a year of bargaining.

Unions reached agreement following commitments by government and ESTA in relation to claims identified by unions as threshold items. These include the following:


  • An independent review of staffing levels under the agreement which will examine staffing issues through an independent chairperson.
  • A commitment to take all reasonable steps to ensure that ‘redundancy’ minimum staffing levels are met.
  • A commitment to reach budgeted staffing levels (ESTA acknowledge these levels have not been met historically) as well as provide transparent information regarding staffing and attrition levels.
  • A commitment to hire an addition 20 police call takers.
  • A commitment to hire 8 external fire call takers.
  • The agreement places parameters around the use of part-time employees and prevents introduction of a two-tiered system for full-time employees.

Classification structure

  • An improved classification structure will be implemented that will ensure members are more fairly reward according to the skills they have.
  • The classification structure will no longer treat MFB and CFA as one service.
  • The classification structure will provide a payment, to apply retrospectively, to ESTA operators with 20 years of service.
  • A review of the classification structure to investigate how experienced operators can be better rewarded.
  • An adjustment of team leader relativities to better reflect their skills and responsibilities.


  • Standard roster arrangements will be written into the agreement to guarantee roster arrangements for existing employees.

Hours of work

  • The dispute regarding hours of work will be resolved providing certainty regarding member wages and conditions.

Sign on bonus

  • Employees will receive a sign on bonus of 1000 following approval of the enterprise agreement by FWC.


  • The agreement provides for annual wage increases of 2.5 percent over a 4 year agreement.

Unions will finalise drafting of the enterprise agreement together with agency representatives over the next 1 -2 weeks. The agreement is likely to require final approval from government before the pre-approval process for the agreement begins.

The final agreement is required to be provided to all employees at least 7 days before a vote may occur.

If the vote is successful, the agreement will be submitted to FWC for approval. FWC aim to process all agreements approved without undertakings within 8 weeks.

Members with any questions are concerns are strongly advised to contact their job delegate or relevant union’s official.

Unions will confirm details regarding members meetings to discuss the offer in the near future.

Following in principle agreement, unions have confirmed that work bans other than uniform bans will be lifted from 6:00pm.

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