It is your right to take Industrial Action when genuine bargaining has taken place and a new Agreement has not been made before it expires.

Last Wednesday the Fair Work Commission ordered a protected action ballot of ESTA operational employees following a joint application by the unions.

It is extremely important that members participate in the ballot and send a strong message to ESTA management and government that ESTA employees need to be properly recognised in their enterprise agreement. The ballot opens 30/1 and closes 27/2. Please provide your current address details to your union if they have changed. At least 50 percent of eligible voters need to vote for it to be a successful vote.

Industrial Bans are not designed to affect the community or put their safety at risk – this would never occur. When ESTA didn’t commence bargaining on time the Unions had to raise this at the Fair Work Commission.  We have been unsuccessful with reaching agreement, particularly when ESTA have not made any offers.

It is disappointing that Pat Berry’s email to his Operational employees misrepresented the bargaining so far, particularly when he has failed to attend one single bargaining meeting; despite several invitations to do so.

ESTA has not responded to the Unions with any proposal on rostering, nor have they agreed on an option for a revised classification structure put forward by the Unions.

Everyone in the bargaining team is in agreement that staffing levels need to increase; to address mental health, fatigue, sick leave, access to annual leave, training, and reduction in their reliance on overtime.

It’s time ESTA represent your interests and make requests to change funding models or request extra funding from Government – as they normally do.

The Unions request for additional staffing was not 578 over 4years. Notwithstanding we’ve never agreed to a 4 year term, our minimum numbers claim is as attached (schedule 2)

As you will see it is very different from 578. We have requested numerous times for a comparison between our claim and the current numbers. We are not that far apart.

ESTA’s costing at $126 million over 4 years appears to fit in the annual budget of $68 million in any case! Maybe the extra building is not required if more staff are able to be on leave and access training days!

Carry on the great work that you do.

Download Schedule 2 Safe Staffing Levels

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