Low cost banking

Save $1,000s on your home and other loans

When you become a union member, you become eligible to become a customer of the Members Equity (ME) bank.

The ME Bank has been created for union members and members of participating superannuation funds. That means that it has your interests at heart – and cheaper home loan interest rates for eligible union members.

So when you join the union, you can take control of your banking – rather than it having control over you.

Save thousands on your home loan

As a union member you may be eligible for a saving of up to 0.45 per cent on your home loan from ME bank.

As an example, a 0.45 per cent savin on interest could save a person on an average $400,000 mortgage paid fortnightly could save more than $33,000 over 25 years.

In addition, there are no application fees, or exit fees if you ever decide to refinance. Awesome.

Great rates on credit cards, personal loans and short term deposits

Members Equity also gives its customers great rates with no nasty fine print on credit cards, personal loans and short term deposits.


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