Property assistance

Property advice – buying, selling, investing

The CWU Victorian T & S branch has for several years recommended Members Property as a unique property resource for its members. Members Property” is now known as Troost Property Advisory. The same genuine advice is still available – call Frank Troost 0418 884 733 or email

Your first consultation with Frank is free. Frank will give you buying, selling and investment advice. He knows each situation is unique and will help you to avoid the traps and potentially save you thousands of dollars as well as some heartache.

Some of our members have already benefited from these services and have been extremely impressed with the outcome.

You could easily save more than a lifetime of union fees with the right property advice. These services let you use the leveraging power of your union for your own benefit!

We have recognised that property underpins the wealth of most of members yet when it comes to dealing in property there are not a whole lot of reliable options available where members can turn to for unbiased advice and guidance.

When you deal in property it’s usually with a stranger or someone “referred” that you’re unlikely to ever see again with motivations most times other than your best interests…… Frank Troost specifically services the property needs of CWU members and their families:

  • Buyer Advocacy.
  • Vendor Advocacy.
  • Investment Advice.
  • Negotiation both buying and selling.

For more information contact Frank Troost 0418 884 733 today.

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