Secretary’s Annual Report 2015

It is with great pleasure that I present the 2015 Branch Annual Report, my first as Branch Secretary, and with a great deal of positive news (tempered with some negative aspects) to expand on. Despite this, there are some significant threats on the horizon, but we firstly need to look back on the events of the last 12 months with a great deal of pride in rather difficult ongoing conditions

In August last year, the Branch Secretary, Len Cooper, decided to take a step back from the
role he had served the Branch in for the last 40 odd years. Len has now taken up a position of part time Industrial Officer, and the ripple effect of this decision has resulted in some other changes. Sue Riley, previously Industrial Officer has now filled the honorary Assistant Secretary role (vacated by myself), and in stepping back to a Branch Committee of Management role, Paul Lightfoot vacated the Branch President position. Len Cooper has filled the Branch President’s role in an honorary basis, however as of early August this year, this has again changed. Len has decided to relinquish the Branch President’s position and we face a further election for the now vacant Branch President.

There were no challenges to the Victorian Branch officials during the recent Union election, however we will welcome a few new faces on our Branch Committee of Management, as a number of long serving members have decided to hand over the baton. They are former Branch President Darren Evans, Alvan Shotade and former Branch Vice President Roger Bland, all of whom exited from Telstra during the previous 12 months. Their service in these roles has provided sound counsel during difficult times, and all will be sorely missed, however, I hope they continue some involvement with our Union on a different front. We welcome Amy Stubberfield, Mark Dennis and Scott Thomson to our BCOM ranks, and thank them for their “prospective” commitment.

In re-structuring the Branch, the expertise of the current Branch officials will be utilised in
making sure the Branch is looking to the future. The current industrial workload will be
shared by myself and Sue, whilst Len will focus on co-ordinating recruitment and
communications/social media, with some ad hoc assistance from our members on the ground.

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