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2015 will present significant challenges to the Telecommunications workforce across Australia. How the CEPU Communications Division (CWU) deals with those challenges will determine the future employment prospects, wages and conditions of many current
employees in the industry. There are a number of EBA’s that are due for renewal in 2015 – probably the Telstra

EBA will provide a measure ofwhat will be lined up against
us in a concerted, ongoing effortby the “big business lobby”(of which Telstra is a key player) to reduce conditions and the influence of Unions in
their workplaces. In no particular order, here are some of the areas the CWU membership and officials will have to deal with in 2015: Telstra EBA 2015 negotiations
NBN Co EBA 2015 negotiations Optus 2015 EPA/EBA negotiations ESTA (Victorian Emergency

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