Sld 19/02 – ESTA Ops – No Progress from ESTA on our Claims

Last Thursday the bargaining team met with ESTA. The Bargaining team was expecting a response from the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) after they had been presented with a comprehensive presentation on how important minimum staffing levels are.

We were also expecting a response on a preferred classification structure, and a final response on Hours of Work (the clauses and definitions). However, ESTA turned up without a response to these matters.

Unfortunately there was no one present from the ELT to deliver the responses. The ESTA representatives present read from an email that contained three dot points that did not properly address the unions presentation. They are as follows:

  • Acknowledgement that there are deficiencies in access to leave, training and professional development, and well-being programs. The ELT suggested that there may be other ways to resolve these issues, but refrained from coming up with any solutions.
  • Provided a suggestion of more flexible rosters. However, there was no information provided on what this might mean, other than there is more demand in peak times.
  • The ELT thanked us for our presentation and expressed a desire to work collaboratively with the unions to come up with solutions.

There was no offer provided and despite this, ESTA suggested that unions should abandon claims that we maintain should form part of a final settlement.

We are hoping for more constructive bargaining from decision makers. Stand by for next steps.

In Unity,

Sue Riley                                                       

Matthew Coggin        

Jeremy Murphy        

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