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Telstra misleading about annual leave
Telstra have requested that all employees take 2 weeks annual leave between now and September as a means of reducing their leave liability. Some employees extended the Easter break by one week, and are expected to take another week before September.
It is important to know that Telstra cannot direct you to take annual leave, unless the annual leave clauses in the Enterprise Agreement are enacted:

  1. If Telstra is shutting down all or part of the business for a period, such as Christmas or New Year;
  2. If you have accrued more than 6 weeks of annual leave (7 weeks for continuous shift workers) – though Telstra won’t leave you with less than 4 weeks accrued annual leave if Telstra does this (or 5 weeks if you are a continuous shift worker).The period between now and September does not provide any of the reasons as stated above to direct you to take your hard earned Annual Leave.

You and your manager must agree on the time that you take annual leave.

SURVEY – should you complete?
Have you received an email to complete a survey from Telstra ‘Done-safe’?
Remember that all surveys are voluntary. There is no mandatory requirement to provide information including your current or previous health status to your employer.

3500 new jobs created
Telstra have informed the unions there are now 3500 new temporary roles (between 3-6 months.) These will be located across all states. In addition to the 100o contact centre roles already announced Telstra will recruit 2500 temporary roles within Consumer & Small Business, Global Business Services and a small number of roles in Networks & IT and InfraCo. The 2500 will be a mix of contact centre and back of house specialist roles covering customer service, order provisioning and testing, complaints management, credit and fraud management, internal helpdesk and team leading. The roles are predominately Band 3i, 3ii, 4i and a small number of band 2.
Some of the 3500 roles will be work from home, so can cover regional areas if you are not located in the city.
The new jobs created are a direct impact of the off-shored work in India and The Philippines that has been shut down.  Does it have to take a pandemic crisis to keep Australians in work in Australia? This work should never have been taken out of Australia. Let’s keep ‘Australian Made’ happening.

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