Telstra EA – 6 Good Reasons To VOTE NO!


CWUnion Victorian Telstra Members Bulletin


You already voted NO a year ago (82% rejected the offer) because of the forced transfer of business clauses. This proposal either forces redeployment (in some circumstances), or if you don’t go, you resign with – NO REDUNDANCY PACKAGE! And there are no appeal rights either.

InfraCo looks to be only the beginning of the break-up of Telstra. Will your business unit be the next to be dismembered and forced off the Telstra EBA?

Telstra say “take a leap of faith” with future conditions but do you really trust them to look after your interests, especially after the loss of 9500 jobs?

The woeful pay offer– 1.8% and then 2% next year at a time when the CEO achieves a $4 million bonus on top of his $2.3 million wage. All corporate bonuses for staff are gone. Job family performance pay principles also gone. NO reference to specific, clear, measurable and achievable performance goals.

Telstra have already directed you to take 14 days out of your 20 days of annual leave, this offer enables them to direct you to take 9 days long service leave annually – if you have accrued 90 days.

There’s little benefit and lots of problems in this proposal. We can’t endorse it and neither should you!

In solidarity,

SUE RILEY, Secretary, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0439 762 455 |
JOHN ELLERY, Industrial Officer, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0419 823 580 |
LEROY LAZARO Secretary, CWU (P&T) Vic | 0422 546 814 |
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