Telstra Employees Vote for Retrogressive Agreement

Notwithstanding the two CWU Victorian Branches and T&S NSW branch campaigning for a better agreement, the Enterprise Agreement was voted up. The other four CWU branches actively campaigned for a YES vote, by joining in meetings with the boss to sell this repressive agreement, somehow convincing members it was a good deal. It’s NOT. (The same leadership group was also responsible for diminishing the redundancy entitlements from 80 weeks to 76 weeks.)

This means:

The right to stay a Telstra employee, if it is deemed by Telstra that there is a suitable offer of employment in a subsidiary of Telstra, is surrendered.

The right to banking your long service leave entitlement each year once 90days is accrued is surrendered.

You receive a stingy 1.8% pay rise compared to a generous 34% for your CEO.

With such a short duration, the Agreement expires in 2021, who knows what shape Telstra will be in by then? Jobs have already been slashed and the once great company who employed thousands will potentially be a shell of what was.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment. Never give up on the fight worth fighting. On behalf of the CWU Victorian branch I hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some time with those you love.

Our office will be closed from Friday 20th December until Monday 6th January 2020. If you have an urgent matter that needs attention please contact either of the undersigned.

In Unity,
Sue Riley

SUE RILEY, Secretary, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0439 762 455 |
JOHN ELLERY, Industrial Officer, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0419 823 580 |
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