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“Unions are going to take a leap of faith with us on this”
                                                                                      Darren Fewster 9/10/19 This isn’t a “leap of faith”, it’s an unfettered attack on the working conditions of Telstra staff that must be resisted. The main item on the Telstra wish list – Transfer of business to a subsidiary – which was soundly rejected last year and then withdrawn because it was totally unacceptable, should have focussed the minds of all the negotiators, and the clause should have been put to bed; without compromise.

There is never a time where disadvantaging the members of a Union, and of the wider Telstra staff, over certain issues is acceptable. No band aid solutions can ever resolve the underpinning issues that still remain.

Today, at the bargaining meeting, the majority agreed to endorse a ballot on the Enterprise Agreement; subject to pending legal advice.

As we see it, the proposed EBA is a step backwards for the following reasons:

1.     The potential to dismember a once great, taxpayer owned Telco company into some subsidiaries with employment conditions that are likely to be pushed down over a period of time must be resisted on all fronts. Unions and employees should not be part of any agreement that facilitates this.

2.     Redeployment to a subsidiary under the threat of no redundancy payout when your job in Telstra is somehow hived off to a subsidiary to suit the corporate agenda is not what Unions should be about.

3.     The wage offer is totally unacceptable. 0.3% on top of the 1.5% and 2% next year. The existing bonus has been removed and there is no sign-on bonus.

4.     Employees can be directed to use 9 days of their LSL entitlements that they have achieved from dedicated service to Telstra.  This should not become the boss’s ability to balance the books. It’s your money, your entitlement, not theirs.

5.     The short term nature of the EBA –2 years, (and we’ve been bargaining for over a year) means we are better off with no new deal and should remain on our current expired Agreement, particularly when the wage offer is so embarrassingly small.

This proposal is not supported by the Victorian T&S, Victorian P&T, and NSW T&S Branches. The upcoming staff vote needs to clearly reject the proposal.

In solidarity,

SUE RILEY, Secretary, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0439 762 455 |
JOHN ELLERY, Industrial Officer, CWU (T&S) Vic | 0419 823 580 |
LEROY LAZARO Secretary, CWU (P&T) Vic | 0422 546 814 |
VAL BUTLER Industrial Officer, CWU (P&T) Vic | 0408 766 444 |

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