Telstra Long Service Leave Policy

FYI: The following information was received today from the CWU Divisional Office:


There have been recent reports of Telstra directing employees to take Long Service Leave where their balances are in excess of 90 days.

This is in line with the controversial new policy which has been the subject of dispute for some time.

Following negotiations with the Union, Telstra has agreed that NO directions will be made for at least the 2019 calendar year. This means that Telstra can ask employees with LSL balances over 90 days to take 9 days per year but they will not direct them to do so.

The Union is carefully monitoring this situation to ensure that the policy advice flowing through to local management is consistent with this position.

This message is communicated to members so that they are aware of their rights with regards to this matter.

If members are aware of areas where directions are continuing to be made, please advise your union office either by phone or email – contacts listed below.

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