What Does The Future Look Like For Telstra?

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Telstra have indicated that if they are to be in the running at buying the NBN Co that it would need to be a “non-vertically integrated” company. Non-integrated simply means a split up Telstra. The Telstra we know today could be broken up into a number of subsidiaries which would likely have different terms and conditions from the Telstra conditions.  So why would the Union be wanting to facilitate this?

There is no guarantee that the Government would sell NBN Co to a wholly owned subsidiary of Telstra. There is much speculation as to what it could mean for employees of a remnant Telstra, or a proposed subsidiary.

So, What happens if Telstra aren’t successful in buying NBN Co through the proposed InfraCo Pty Ltd deal with the government? Who knows? – the crystal ball will be working overtime. A similar situation occurred with NDC Limited around 20 years ago, when the NDC business unit of Telstra transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary. The potential buyer of NDC Ltd pulled out and Telstra employees then either took a redundancy or were reabsorbed back into Telstra. However, times and circumstances are considerably different now, so the future is very uncertain.

We now know Telstra and some of the bargaining team are keen to finalise the Agreement because Telstra wrote to their employees before the final sign off from the unions. The access period to view the proposed Enterprise Agreement commences this Sunday and the vote commences Monday 2nd December. It will only be open for 5 days.

There are three unions that cover the Telstra Enterprise Agreement; the CEPU Communications Division, the CPSU Telecommunications Group, and Professionals Australia (previously APESMA).

These three Unions are the default bargaining agents for their respective members, in accordance with the Fair Work Act. In addition, there are individually appointed bargaining agents who are representing themselves or some Telstra employees who appointed them, via a signed bargaining agent form.

In the Telstra EBA context, the SBU is an informal arrangement, and a convenient way for Telstra to refer to the 3 Union group. It was coined this term before the Fair Work Act introduced individual bargaining agents.

Each bargaining representative has the same equal status, with the right to agree or disagree with various decisions.
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