About us

Who we represent
The Communications Workers Union (CEPU), Victoria covers workers in the telecommunications, information technology and postal industries. The Communications Workers Union (T & S Branch) Victoria is one of two branches of the CWU in Victoria.

CWU (T&S) represents all workers in the telecommunications and information technology industries, and technicai workers in Australia Post, or who sub-contract to any of those industries.

That means that if you work in just about any area of communications, including telecommunications providers like Telstra and Optus, to the National Broadband Network, companies like AEGIS and authorities like ESTA, you are represented by CWU (T&S).

Officials of the union are elected periodically in member elections.

Who we are

CWU (T&S) Victoria is part of the national CWU, which is in turn the Communications Division of the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU).

The CWU is a strong and democratic union that does everything it can to ensure that members are well represented and protected. Union policy is developed by members in our extensive network of representative forums. As a member, you are consulted about negotiations and decisions affecting you.

Current Secretary

The current Secretary of the union is Sue Riley

The union office is located at:

Building 2, Level 3,
Trades Hall
2 Lygon Street
Carlton South 3053 Australia

Phone: 03 9663 6815
Fax: 03 9663 8249

Website: www.cwuvic.org.au
Email: cdtsvic@cwu.asn.au

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