Telstra Field Workforce Bulletin

16 June 2021   Ref: SLD 21/20   Start of Day – Field based Telstra staff   A number of recent issues have surfaced regarding the Management’s interpretation of what they say you are supposed to be doing in the UNPAID time prior to paid start of day (and for that matter, End of Day). …

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Telstra Purple EBA

Telstra Purple EBA – foreshadowing the downgrading of our terms and conditions in all the Telstra areas. In the last week, our Union’s Divisional Executive, despite strident opposition from 3 of the 7 Communications Div Branches (our Victorian T&S Branch, the Victorian P&T, and the NSW T&S branches) supported an application to Fair Work Commission, …

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Telstra Meal Breaks You Must Take Them

The long standing legal arrangement regarding your own health and safety is that you are required to take an unpaid meal break after no more than 5 hours work. This is contained in the latest Telstra EBA (2018-2021), clause 17.1. Whilst there is no written EBA clause about coffee/tea breaks (aside from a reference to …

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