No Dunnies, No Deal!

CWU (T&S) Vic: Telstra Bulletin 3 September 2020 A recent bulletin (Changes to Exchange Amenities) to all N&IT field staff, approved by Queensland N&IT manager (Michael Steele ex NDC) really highlights how bad Telstra lowered itself with its bean counter driven mentality. The latest attempt to rationalise the cleanliness in Telephone exchanges – something that …

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ESTA – Temperature Checks Proposal

The CWU, UFU and VAU have provided comprehensive feedback to ESTA in relation to their proposal to introduce temperature testing for employees arriving for work at each of its centres. Whilst we support testing as a potential way to control the spread of COVID-19 into centres, we identified some concerns with ESTA’s proposal. In particular …

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Signal 661

WELCOME TO THE 2015 YEAR! 2015 will present significant challenges to the Telecommunications workforce across Australia. How the CEPU Communications Division (CWU) deals with those challenges will determine the future employment prospects, wages and conditions of many current employees in the industry. There are a number of EBA’s that are due for renewal in 2015 …

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